About us

Walletmonitor eliminates the painful process of finding high profit products.

Pump out quick profit margin turnover and generate cash inside your Paypal account overnight. Walletmonitor is the best automated arbitrage software which will help you to find the most profitable items from Amazon that you can sell on eBay for a profit. It is an all-in-one solution to automatically buy low on Amazon and sell high on eBay. It is a unique research tool that uncovers profitable items to sell on ebay.


Wide range of suppliers

It automatically adds and reprices the listed items from all the suppliers like walmart, aliexpress, amazon, ebay etc. - Whether it is one at a time or thousand at a time.

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It reprices the listings and inventory changes. It does not allow any item to be sold which was not in stock for last 24 hours. It takes care of your product's price and stock. It calculates profits as well.

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Competition scanner

It is an easy way to scan your current and potential competitors. It gives you the data about where you stand in the competition.

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Unlimited stores

Same user can handle the unlimited stores of ebay and Shopify at the same time.

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List item in one click

You can now list your items from all the suppliers like Walmart, Aliexpress, Amazon, ebay, Shopify etc. in just one click.

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Takes care of orders

It automatically updates the tracking numbers of all the orders and email confirmation is sent to the customers.

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Takes care of orders

It doesn't get any easier – If you don't use it, you don't pay for it. You know up front exactly what you’re paying and exactly what you’re getting.

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Affiliate program

You will receive bonus for each active referred customer. Pay-outs are done on 1st of every month, at least 30 days after the payment.

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Editing through single click

You can also edit all your products through just one click.

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Start using WalletMonitor after completing several easy steps:

How it works?

Automatic Product Selector

You don’t have to manually find items to sell. Our scanner engine will locate high-margin items on Amazon to list on eBay according to your parameters.


Automatic Product Locator

It will show the listing of your products directly from your online store to the eBay store.


Automatic Pricing

It will automatically re-price the items based on the defined programmable rules.


Automatic Product Buying

It will automatically buy the product at low price on your behalf.


Automatic Product Selling

It will automatically sell the product at high price resulting in a profit margin earned by you.


Credits, what is it and how it works.Pay only for what you are using!!!

You can start to work with us just for 1$ and bonus $25 for review. 120 000 bonus credits for the first payment!

Calculate how much credits will you use:

Our system is very flexible and if you need different from the above conditions, in this case, you can take advantage of our calculator.

Estimation for 1 month: ----- credits / --.--$ / -% discount.